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Using tap water alone or detergent to clean your solar panels will leave a film which will actually act as a magnet for dirt.

Studies show that regular cleaning can raise your solar production rate from 15% to as much as 30% and even up to 50% at larger scale solar farms.

Rain alone cannot effectively clean your solar array.

Think about your car's windshield and exterior.

Does the rain wash your car?

You are left with spots all over your car that attracts airborne dirt particles.

That's why we use the latest in cleaning technology including boar's hair brushes and pure deionized water in our cleaning process.


Solar Panel Cleaning



XPros understands the importance of protecting your solar investment.  From residential, commercial and industrial solar arrays to large scale solar farms and plants, we can keep your solar panels clean and your production rate up.  Our spot-free deionized water purification system along with our various cleaning methods, allow us to ensure that your array is being cleaned in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.  We guarantee that our method is completely green and will not have any harmful effects on your home or property.

XPros knows that o
ur valley's agricultural prominence is notorious for providing dirty air quality on a frequent basis.  In addition to dirty air quality, our rainfall levels are very low.  This ensures that your solar array will become clouded more frequently causing your solar production rates to drop. Studies show that regular cleaning can raise your solar production rate from as much as 30% to even 50% at larger scale solar farms.  We use limited amounts of water when cleaning solar panels, thanks to the latest technology in the industry.

As you can clearly see, having your panels properly cleaned by XPros, is an investment that just makes sense.

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