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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

We safely and effectively install our galvanized, pvc coated black mesh barrier which is
specifically made for solar panels. The mesh has a life span of up to ten years and XPros
provides a one-year installers warranty. The clips we use to fasten the barrier are also
specifically made to mount against the bottom of the frame, around your entire array.

There are NO bolts or adhesives used, which will keep your system's warranty valid.
Thick guaged mesh, built to last!

Before installation, we'll clean the droppings, nests, and other debris from around and
under your solar array.  Aside from the health risks, the nesting and roosting of pigeons and
other birds can create an unwelcome eye-sore.

Oher pests such as squirrels, roof rats and insects can create major damage to your solar panel system.  Birds will create a haven to nest and roost which can welcome other pests.  Squirrels and rodents may actually chew through your systems wiring, which can cause severe damage.  Bees, wasps and other insects find solar panel arrays to be a perfect place to build their hives which can create a danger to humans and animals.

Additionally, our mesh will prevent leaves from building up underneath your solar array.

We flush out all nest debris, droppings and feathers.

The sleek, black mesh hugs the contour of the tile.

The mesh does not restrict air-flow.

We work carefully and with respect for your property.

Protect Your Health & Your Investment

     Some of the health issues that can evolve from a serious bird problem on your property include such diseases as E. coli, Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis.

     The most common disease transmitted by humans is Psittacosis, a type of lung infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia psittaci.

     Click here for more information on the CDC Website

     Not only are there health risks, but your solar system is a major financial investment.  After all, your solar investment is meant to save you money over the long haul.  That's why we only use industrial rated product and material that is specifically made for solar panels and is meant to last up to 10 years.


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     If you are interested in Bird Spikes, Netting or various solutions for other locations on your property such as ledges or chimneys, give us a call or email us at xpros@xproseip.com.

     We will be happy to discuss possible solutions for your bird control needs.