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SOLAR PANEL BIRD-PROOFING Pigeons and other birds find your solar array to be a perfect nesting and roosting habitat. Aside from the health risks such as asthma, this can create an unwelcome eye-sore.
SOLAR PANEL CLEANING Residential, commercial and large-scale solar farms. We provide flexible scheduling options including custom packages. Keep production up and your warranty valid.
RAIN GUTTER CLEANING Dirty or clogged rain gutters can potentially result in severe damage to your home or building's foundation. We ensure the gutters and downspouts are working properly.
AWNING CLEANING Awnings are the first thing potential customers notice when they see your building or storefront. Maintain your awnings warranty by having them professionally cleaned.
ADDITIONAL SERVICES Bird Netting & Spike Strips. Home or building soft-wash & sanitize, outdoor kitchen, patio and fixture cleaning. Debris removal, pressure washing, fleet & equipment washing.

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